L. A. Gnanvidhi

140 people took Gnan in L. A. 

Some other photos of mahatma satsang. 

Sanjose Gnanvidhi

121 people took Gnan in Sanjose

Time with NEC and DBVI Board members

Pshree spent two days with North America NEC and DBVI board members in Dillon Colarado springs and got appraised about current satsang activities and also shared some valuable tips about how to continue doing Sewa work with Gnan. 

Pshree visited "Garden of Gods"- a famous national park which is very popular for its unique rock structure. 

Link for the Slide show of the visit......


St. Louis Gnanvidhi

200 people took Gnan in St. Louis

Dallas Gnanvidhi

150 people took Gnan in dallas.