Veraval gnanvidhi

1000 people took gnan in Veraval


Special visit to sasan gir lion sanctuary

A special arrangement was made for Pujyashree to visit sasan gir lion sanctuary. It was very heart touching to see how the staff there were taking care of animals(lions, panther and others), how they are given almost same medical treatments as human (x-ray, ultrasound machine for kidney stone, etc), state of art rescue center. It was fun to hear amazing insights about their behaviour. 

Video in slow motion of panther being released. 

Awesome photos and video of visit

Rajkot gnanvidhi

2500 people took gnan in rajkot. 

Jamnagar gnanvidhi

1500 people took gnan in Jamnagar. 


Gnan to Jain monks

27 jain sadhumaharaj and sadhviji took gnan with lot of reverence to Dada.