New mini-convertible for 360 degree darshan

A new car (mini-convertible) was ordered for pshree so mhtm can do 360 degree darshan during big event. The car came on same day pshree was returning from singapore. The day being Dhanteras, diwali, Mhtm stood on road holding Diya(lamp) in their hands to welcome Pshree. 

Very nice story on

Singapore gnanvidhi

100 people took gnan in Singapore. Very nice satsang was done for two days which was attended by mainly young and professional people. The satsang place was small so seekers got good chance of sitting very close to Pshree and get touched by his unique persona.

Pshree experiencing Antarctica

Nice storyline on Pshree visiting Antarctica center for experiencing life and weather in Antarctica

Experiencing Antarctica normal transportation 

Experiencing Antarctica summer weather -18 degree, strong winds and dark days 

Mount cook

Storyline on Pshree visit to Mount Cook in Helicopter 

Excellent slow motion video footage of Pshree showering snow while visiting Mount Cook. 

Visit to Wanaca

Excellent photos and slow motion video footage on