Pshree in Frankfurt

After shibir Pshree went to Frankfurt and had darshan at a very nice Church (with prayers for all Christians to get self realization ). Pshree also saw paintings and sculptures explaining how Lord Christ was crucified at cross. Some photos of Fruit time on highway (dhaba), church, town center and airport

Parayan in English

Parayan in English (first time ever) on book " Science  of  Karma" was done in willingen, Germany. A very engrossing satsang was done as for every answer German mhtm were asking if this then why that?, how that?, when that?, where that? Etc etc and Krupa can be seen in each answers with different examples. 

Some photos and video of parayan, Aarti, Sewarthi meeting and Bhakti (Pshree singing " Amne Moksh madto to......)

Darshan and informal time in willingen

Sunday was for Darshan (German mhtm with family had eye to eye darshan), short vidhi of swami (140 this time going all over Europe), informal time with mhtm going to hill by cable car , walk on lake over hill (Germany Mansarovar), garba (anywhere possible).  

Some very nice photos (Bonus: slideshow) and video

Willingen, Germany Gnanvidhi.

250 people took Gnan in willingen. 175 old mhtm (Germany, Austria, Swiss) were also present in Gnanvidhi. 

Nice pics and video of Gnanvidhi and garba