Gandhinagar gnanvidhi

1400 people took gnan in gandhinagar

A very nice video......

Delhi gnanvidhi

500 people took gnan in delhi

Lot of rainfall one hour before gnanvidhi and suddenly weather become more chilling,

But that didnt deter people to come for gnanvidhi and entire hall become full with old and new Mahatma

Whole gnanvidhi went on without any obstruction but after explanation of first two agna rain again came with full force. But as Dada says evidences can't obstruct gnan, everything got shifted to adjoining hall and most of new Mahatma showing their eagerness and hunger for gnan didnt left and came to new hall.

Gnan goes on......... Uninterrupted.

Bhopal picnic: visit to manav sanghralay - one of a kind

Pshree with all bhopal Sewarthi visited excellent exhibition on different tribal cultures of india, their eco friendly lifestyle based on intuition learned from generations dating back to thousand of years.

Bhopal gnanvidhi

450 people took gnan in bhopal

Bangalore gnanvidhi

450 people took gnan in bangalore