Janmastmi celebrations as captured by Drone Camera

Excellent photos of Janmastmi celebration : Thousands of visitors at Trimandir 

Excellent video footage of Parayan August 2014 (taken by drone camera)

Parayan August 2014

Nice photos (taken by Drone camera)of Parayan at Dada Nagar, Simamdhar city on Aptvani 3 & 7 which was attended by tens of thousands mahatma. 

Slideshow of other photos

Simandhar city Gnanvidhi

1225 people took Gnan in Dadanagar (more than gigantic) hall. People from surrounding area and also from far places (Sri Lanka) came for Gnanvidhi. 

Pune satsang and Gnanvidhi

850 people took Gnan in Pune.

Some photos of general satsang and Sewarthi satsang where Pshree announced Dada JJ 2015 in pune - 1st JJ in Hindi.