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Trip to Ambaji

Pujya Deepakbhai offered a very heart touching prayer to Amba Ma for World Jagatkalyan, Purity of Mahatma from Kashay n Vishay, protection of all nimits of jagatkalyan and Dada's various projects of jagatkalyan.
Two mahatma car met with an accident (one car was totally crumpled and another windscreen totally broken) but no scratch to any mahatma. We all mahatma feel very protected because of such continuous flow of Dada Grace. "દાદા નુ રક્ષણ મહાતમાઓ માટે કાયમ છે જ."

Mahatma who could reach a day before had great informal night full of jokes with Pujyashree.

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  1. Dada no Rajipo....Jyare Koi pan mahatma ne upsarg aave tyare dadaji mokle che beyu haathu...