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Qualification of Sewarthi

Q: What should be Qualification of Sewarthi?
D: Here who comes is qualified. Their qualification is not checked. The reason: Here nobody is owner. Nobody has sense of ownership over mandir or any project of the foundation. So Nature takes over the ownership and adjust different types of prakruti as per the needs. Have you seen how mud stone get settled in water? The bigger pebble settles at bottom, then smaller pebble, then coarse sand, then fine sand. Same way when you dont becomes owner then nature will take up responsibility and settle exactly.

Still if any Sewarthi wants to do Bhav then he should do as Srimad Rajchandra said,

Let my body be disciplined, ( નિયમ મા)
my mind without knots ( નિર્ગ્રન્થ) and
my speech Syadwad (


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