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English Retreat

Pujya Deepakbhai very strongly and clearly talked about not having any physical relationship with opposite sex before marraige with all teenagers. Also discussed in details about doubts in marraige life, accepting the partner who one found out to be having past relationship and putting full trust thereafter. The same trust will stop them to do any immoral acts.

Satsang with an Oneness Diksha giver,
Q : How can you define Diksha given in Oneness movement.
D : It is the positive energy of Chit, but it is relative. It has nothing to do with Soul. Whereever there is a need of an instrument like hand, body, ego, mind, mantra it is not real but it is relative.
Also in Diksha one doesnt forget that I am Mr. John and I am giving Diksha. Whereas in Gnan I (as a soul) dont become doer and You (as a soul) dont become receiver. Just the coverings on your self is removed and you yourself is having infinite knowledge.

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  1. JSCA, But after marrige what if couples are having sex frequently,I was not aware abt this b4, how can i explain my partner about this to be in limit?