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LA Gurupurnima

Mahatma felt overwhelmed by Dada subtle presence all thru 5 days. Many of them felt live connection. Many who were previously not believing and to some extent opposing their family members going to Dada were touched by purity and clarity of science and were equally moved and cried at the end. There were many who shared their beautiful experience about how they got involved in Dada. Each one had unique experience to tell about. Dada magic was working with everybody beyond age, caste, education, wealth etc.

Different medium like TV, Books, Friend or relative experience, 5 Agnas, Gnanvidhi and their own experience of
"દુખમુક્તિ" worked in equal proportion among 2500 new mahatma during this trip.

Many more mahatma have decided to go around the country with Pujya Deepakbhai during next year satsang trip.


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