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Dubai Gnanvidhi

400 people including many muslims took Gnan today. There were new seekers coming from different muslim countries. Would like to share one interesting experience of a new seeker from Dubai. He came to know about Dada 4 months back and started reading book on Celibacy. After reading book he started practising Celibacy even before taking Gnan. Today morning while he was praying to Dada, somebody from inside was telling him to go for satsang. He then made some inquiries and called one of our mahatma who in turn told him that Today Deepakbhai is going to give Gnan. He was not aware of whole satsang programme but Dada pushed him for Gnan. Dada also made us realise that You have not done anything to bring these 400 new mahatma but their Punya and Dada's yogbal is bringing them all.


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