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Surat Janmjyanati

Thousands of Mahatma have come filling entire Gigantic Hall specially errected for celebrations. After first sesssion itself hall is getting extended on all 3 sides as there is a high expectation for lot of new seekers to come. Theme park and Children park will start from evening which will be added attraction for new seekers to come with their children and family from tommorrow.
A small shobhayatra was taken out with Pujyashree riding in open Jeep surrounded by thousands of mahatma on both sides.


  1. lage che dada aa hi gaya che

  2. Dada ane Niruma hajar j 6e! ! !

    Pelu Pad yaad avi gayi....

    " Gnani hajar 6e ahi.. kadhi lejo kam ahi.... Pratyaksh Na Darshan no mahima apar.....