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Kolkatta Satsang

Hall was full on the first day itself. Eventhough Pujya Deepakbhai came after 2 years there were many new additions to Dada Family. During last 2 years they came to adalaj for gnanvidhi and started regularly attending weekly satsangs. Simandhar Swami Murti is already gracing their home. So our experience of Dev-Devi working for Jagatkalyan is getting reinforced more and more.

There was one young bengali mahatma who took gnan before 2 years and asked deepakbhai question about celibacy. There was no connection with him during last 2 years. His parents didnt approve of him going to dada at that time. But today he shared that due to pratikraman his parents now approve of his pious vow.

Found many young childrens with connection to dada in their previous life. 3 brother aged 9 & 4 have been praying Dada day and night since they first came to weekly satsang and were eagely waiting for deepakbhai arrival with a long list of questions. Their conviction for Dada science in day to day issues (of school & other activities) gives picture of them being a mature mahatma regardless of their young age.

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