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Bhopal Hindi Shibir

Hall was fully packed today. Tommorrow on gnanvidhi day old mahatma will be requested to sit outside in the lobby as we are expecting many more to come. More than 500 mahatmas and seekers have come from outside and their arrangements have been made by local mahatma.

Hindi speaking mahatma asked many detailed questions on "Hu", "Pragna", "Ego", "Jagruti" etc. They wanted exact and detailed explanation on charanvidhi, where the nischay part start and ends, which is the vyavhar part, who speaks and who does bhavna etc. The type of questions showed their seriousness and sincereity which can be seen in students of PHD or IIM.

Sixer in informal Satsang:
Question : My nature is such that i take up lot of tensions (stress) and it creates lot of burden on me.
Deepakbhai: Ten Sons ?, no doubt you will have lot of burden.


  1. Wahh Dimplebhai. ."DADA ni jagat kalyan ni bhavna kharekhar sakar thai rahi 6e..JSCA.

  2. I didnt see that my question was on the blog :) :D but after asking the question the ten sons have reduced and with dada's kripa there will be none