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525 mahatma spent 2 days of informal satsang at Matheran with many memories they will cherish for their lifetime. There were many sixers (actually i lost count) which were spontaneous and hilarious.
Some of them:
Q: I have studied till BA (bie) with honours during those time when many girls were not going to college.
D: You are also bie like these 2 girls, 1st is bie of ghost and 2nd is bie of dogs.

Q : My name is Ajit Jani
D : Jani!!! to where? Moksh ma Jani. (Proceed toward moksh)

Pujyashri can be seen in totally new "Avtaar" oozing confidence and pure love. Sometimes i see him as sthir as Dada and sometimes as sharp as Niruma.
Mahatma were fortunate to get 1 to 1 darshan time where each of them could talk for few seconds and share their happiness and experience. Somebody later told that up till now our darshan in adalaj or during some big event were like v do in Shrinathji, very fast and no time to talk. But today darshan were like our trimandir where v can touch our God, V can talk with our God.


  1. WOW!!! SO AKRAM!!
    Aa jokes vakhate kona CHASHMA peri lyo chho Deepakbhai?? - I am sure if we ask this to Deepkabhai, the answer will be something totally out of our minds... - Jaisatchitanand to AKRAM..

  2. 11th Wonder!

    So much "SOULY"

  3. thx Dimple bhai for sharing such beautiful info.we all mahatmas feel refreshed& lively by reading these blogs!!

  4. I wish I was there...waiting desperately for him when he comes to Sydney. Would love to see if you can put video clip on your youtube channel Dimplebhai...or we would like see such hilarous mood of pujya shri recording..

  5. Raju from Lowell Deepakbhai ni sisxers ni to vat j karava javi nathi Raju ne to amnu charecter Akabar badshah na darbar ma jem Bribal hata je koi pan problem solve kari shake tem Dada na darbar ma Deepakbhai nu sthan chhe.! he can solve any kind of problem, either real or relative and his word are just enogh for us .Raju sathe satsang thayo dakho dakhal no tyar pachhi I can my dakho dakhal in every sanjog.! I think sat purusho nu tapobal a aaj hashe!Raju na jsca