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Mumbai Satsang - Mini Janmjayanti @ Ghatkoper

Originally satsang programme was planned at Matunga. But last week we were informed that because of silence zone and neighbours complaints we will not be able to use microphone. We tried every possible way and also tried to use the influence of state home minister but inspector was adamant that we will not be allowed. This was unusual because we were using state home minister to meditiate but nothing was working out. Ultimately had to move the location to Ghatkoper at last minute.

Now this shows how small we are against Divine forces and how narrow is our vision compared to theirs.

The changing of venue has proved to be blessings in disguise in true sense. Once the venue was changed all the factors started turning very favourable. Because of bigger ground it was decided to errect more tents for theme park and kids activites and at present a very large number of people are taking the benefit of Great Satsang as well as theme park, 360* parenting, puppet show, documentary, museum etc. The people of ghatkoper (being gujaratis, middle and upper middle income families - an ideal combination to accept dada science)  got very much impressed by dada science presented through various medium and will be coming in large numbers for 2moro gnanvidhi. 

All the mahatma looking to festive and celebration mood among attendees feels that Dev Devis have created atmosphere like mini janmjayanti.

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  1. dadaniru is working great,love you all Gnanis on this Valentine day14feb