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Brent Town Hall Satsang

Hall (a very large one)  was overflowing with Mahatma and New Seekers.

આખા ઊકે ના મહાત્મા ને એટલું બધું ઘેલું લાગ્યું છે કે દૂર દૂર થી દરેક સેન્ટરમાંથી બસ, મીની-વાન , ગાડી ભરી ભરી ને દરેક સત્સંગ માં આવવાના છે.  મીની જાત્રા, પિક્નિક્, મોર્નિંગ વોક એવું ઘણું બધું પ્લાન કર્યું છે.

Pujya Deepakbhai is seen in different style in satsang. He is taking every questions  Head-on (unusual than normal laghutam), whether it is spiritual or vyavhar, still the answers are exact, full of wit, fully convincing and without deviating from Dada’s Core Teachings.


  1. JSCAND!!
    Dimple Bhai meaning above lines abt PUJYASHREE is not clear ,can u make these lines more clearer please
    the intension is just only to know more abt HIM

  2. Deepak provides 'Light'. How can I say Deepakbhai gave me light to see 'As it is" when I was in "DARKNESS" & took it from granted, didn't even know LIGHT exists!
    Deepakbhai (DADA & NIRUMA) you changed my life!!
    You are the Treasure I found which no one can take away.
    Jay Sat Chit Anand
    Maitrey Mehta