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Informal time in Patan with Mahatma

Having a look at Rani-Ki-Vaav (step well) used in ancient Gujarat to store Water and sometimes Grain.
An Archeological wonder found recently showing ancient glory of India.

Feeding Fearless Monkeys

Want to take a Short-Cut ?

A Textile Engineer looking to a forgotten old art of making Patolla (saree) totally hand made and so far couldn't be made by machine inspite of numerous tries.
Showing the right way of present time to reach Final Destination.


  1. wowww how much lucky r these monkeyssssss r!!!

  2. In above photograph (Showing the right way of present time to reach Final Destination) shows up us that GNANI PURUSH always lives with in LAGHUTTAM BHAV...

  3. Really, PUJYASHREE DEEPAKBHAI is LIVING LORD on this Bharat Bhumi...