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Informal Bonus London Satsang - 1

Even though it was short notice but mahatma old as  well as new came up in large nos. on 1st day. Some of the old mahatma got an opportunity to personally meet pujyashree after gap of 4-5 years.  They were regulars in Pujya Ma satsang but at that time the setting was small, in small hall where couple of hundreds will come and everybody get chance to come near and ask questions in informal way. But since 2006 (with Ma’s increasing Grace and Power) the satsang hall got very big and couple of thousands started coming and that feel of informality had to be compromised for the benefit of larger audiences. Additionally the Kingsbury and Kenton (Middlesex) area where there are large nos. of old mahatma and where Ma did lot of satsang,  used to get 15-20 satsangs before,  were now getting only one weekend. 

They were thanking (sort of) SCE (flight disruptions & other things) which gave them such a golden opportunity. Mahatma got feel of Old times where they could sit like a family (of 500!!), sitting very closely with their Beloved and getting top of world Prem and Hunf.


  1. yes absolutely,sce helped a lot UK mahatma to progress quickly

  2. Krupa and blessing of Dada-Niruma - Simandhar Swami...