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NY Gnanvidhi

350 new people took Gnan in NY.


Three Dimensional Explanation.


  1. JSCA.In every Gnanvidhi, more and more peoples are taking gnan.Akram train with Pujyashree is going very fast now with blessing of Niruma,Simandhar Swami-Dada-Devdevies....

    Great...We all mahatmas are praying for more and more momuxu/peoples are taking gnan from Pujyashree in coming year.

    Jai Sat Chit Anand....

  2. JSCA!
    Atma is Trikal Sat,which is represented perfectly in this 3-D presentation of Pujyashree.Ultimately Taru ane Maru swaroop(Real self-Atma) ekj chhey,je anadi anant chhey-Traney kal saswat chhey.
    Something to be realised!!