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Banglore Gnanvidhi

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350 People took Gnan in Banglore

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  1. JSCA day by day dada privar is increasing with new Mahatmas. Need to build Simandhar City Phase 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10....!!!

  2. Jagat na javo nu kalyan thaie javanu j che. Aa Dada na akram marg vishva bhar ma pahochi rahio che. Jsca

  3. It is true that now Simanshar Swami's Murti reached everywhere in world!!!!

    In next few years, they will be reached in every house/home in the world with blessing of Dada-Niruma-Dev Devies..and great-hard work of Pujyashree & their team!!!!!

    He Dada Jag Kalyan Karo....

    J S C A