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Sydney Gnanvidhi

225 new people on the kshetra of Australia in the Dada family. Today 5 agna was most hillarious and all new mhtm were unable to control their laughter. I would rate today 5 Agna response was “TOP”. The bhakti and dedication to Dada seems unique here and it seems that Dada has directly kept them glued since last couple of years. Many among new were young couples and almost 50 kids were kept occupied in seperate room to let their parents take Gnan.


  1. Welcome in Dada's group with jsca to all new mahatmas.

  2. ઉત્તમ નિમિત્ત સંયોંગ ભેટો સિધ્ધ 'આ' પરમાત્મા , ભગવાન છું કહેનાર કદી પાક્યા નથી કળી કાળ માં, જાતે ના બોલ્યું કોઈ કાળે હું પ્રગટ ભગવાન છું.

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