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Mombasa VIP Guest

Mombasa City Council provided a Special Police Escort for Pujyashree Car to travel hassle free on busy traffic roads of Mombasa. A journey which would normally take couple of hours took less than 30 minutes as Pilot Police Motorbike cleared all traffic for VIP guest of the city.

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  1. Jsca
    wow amazing...

  2. Excellent !!!

    Pujya Shree ne to Lord shri Simandhar Swami nu rakshan chhe, pachhi police escort ni shu jarur ?? Pan vyavahar ma nimitt to joie ne !!!

    Jay Sat Chit Anand.

  3. read a line from DADASHRI's book:
    "ONE who keeps separation and wants nothing in relative (vishay or lakshmi or whatever) is worshipped as LORD by the whole World"

    and here we see Pujyashree is "THE ONE"!!!

  4. P.Deepakbhai ne koti koti parnam
    Ganu Ganu Jivo....