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Nairobi Shibir Gnanvidhi

125 (more than 50% youths & native kenyans) took gnan in Gnanvidhi which was not scheduled but was kept at last moment looking at their enthusiasm.

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  1. Oh! Great.JSCA TO all.

  2. they have innocently signed for all the bhaavs in the Nav Kalmo in the live presence of a pratyaksh Gnani purush...aho aho ..aho....Dada u are beyond Great!

  3. Parting song from SCANN to Pujyashree-

    "Itni Shakti hume dena na Dada Man ka vishwas kamzor ho na, Haam chale nek raste pe humse bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho na.Itni Shakti Hame de na Dada........"

    How punyashali to get such closeness with Dada....

    "Asante Dada for making us great!"


  4. dada ni jay ho,World has to fall in dada,s.i am dying to see and meet punjshree,punyashlis ni jay sat chit anand

  5. Amne to khape shuddh aatmanand nirakar.
    Sahevati nathi chhupi virhagni aapni