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Rajkot JJ - Updates

Dimple Mehta At last Lot of Rain & cyclonic winds on the JJ Ground. Satsang & Other tents r badly damaged. JJ Celebrations has been postponed & now transferred to Sim City on 20th.  This is also Vyavasthit.

Dimple Mehta The positive thing is that no mahatma got hurt inspite of several massive tents just collapsed. Mahatma vacated just minutes before.

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Dimple Mehta ‎7000-8000 mahatma left and will come back again on 20th at sim. city for janmjayanti darshan. Most of them has shown great stability and were in Gnan during nature's fury. There is minimum damage to electronic equipments, books, vcds, food stock etc.

25 minutes ago ·

Dimple Mehta Most importantly nobody got hurt. Entire ground and most of the tents were full with mahatma and new seekers & in short time there was water everywhere & tents started collapsing due to heavy winds but luckily all the mahatma were taken out. The situation could have easily turned into stampede but as mahatma were stable there was no chaos. They gradually started evacuting tents chanting asim jay jay kar
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Dimple Mehta It was show of self discipline by mahatma and sewarthi. Immediately all of them started helping in various ways. First priority was human life, after ensuring all are safe next was to save expensive stuffs from damage and theft and then to make sure that all mahatma were safely transported to their accommodation, all  done by 8 pm ( 3 hours total). Even dinner was served wherever it was possible.

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Dimple Mehta ‎1000 sewarthi who started working immediately to ensure everybody safety are still working on ground for winding up. Our millions namaskar to them and their dedication. The government and local organisation also helped in best possible manner.

6 minutes ago ·

Pujyashree is going to stay back and give special darshan and informal satsang to all local mahatma.

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  1. aho aho dadabhagwan!
    pujyashree ni vitragata ane aseem karuna on "HIS" mahatmas ! aho aho DADA

  2. This is the great example of Laguttampad!!!

  3. badha sewarthi o ne antar na khub khub aashirwad chhe

  4. Rita said.....

  5. This rain was like dadashree's karuna's rain came from mahavideh kshatra. Dhanya che ... all sewarthio ne and mahatmao ne.

    JSCA from USA...............

  6. A test of agnas on DADA's Janam jyanti..

  7. JS. Apana Mahatma ona Samahuk Udaykarmo Dadani Hajarithi Nirved thaya. જ્યાં કિંચિત્માત્ર દુઃખ થતું નથી, ત્યાં આત્મા છે. (Aptasutra # 249)
    - Dadashri
    Padoshi ne Gher Tofan thayu. Jai Sachchidanand.
    Devshibhai Zaveri from Mumbai.