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Amravati Satsang

This is the first time that Dada Satsang is being held in presence of Pratyaksh Gnani. Amravati is centrally located and is hub of education. Since last 3-4 years Mahatmas from here have come to Kolkata or Simandhar city for Gnanvidhi and at present 50-70 mahatmas are regularly doing satsang thrice a week. Many of them had awesome experiences of Dada Gnan relatively as well as for REAL.

DSC_1590 DSC_1607 DSC_1613 DSC_1619 DSC_1625 DSC_1648 Back Camera

Uploading 2 unique videos of Pujyashree doing satsang in Marathi (Low Audio) and Pujyashree doing satsang in Natural Location during morning walk. Location was ideally traditional as Pujyashree was sitting under tree with surrouding hills and water. It was looking like a 4th Ara setup.


  1. જ્ઞાની કેરી કૃપા વરશીરે, આતમ જાગ્યો...

  2. જંગલ માં ગુરુ દ્રોણ (પૂજ્ય દિપકભાઈ) કૌરવો અને પાંડવો (મહ્ત્મોને)
    ને જ્ઞાન આપી રહ્યા હોય એવું નથી લાગતું?
    રાજુ લોવેલ્લ

  3. dhany dhany mahatama gnani ki vaani suni marathi maine.... jsca to all mahatmas of amaravati.