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Bombay Satsang

Satsang has been kept after a gap of many years in Greater Bombay, one of the top upscale area. It has been kept at a very familiar place of yesteryears, Azad Maidan (Freedom Ground) which is opposite VT station, one of the top iconic building. Historically the ground played an important role in country’s Freedom struggle and at present it  is playing an equally important role for True Freedom.  New seekers are coming in large nos and ground remains full with old and new seekers.

Pujyashree is going everyday for morning walk with local mahatma at different places like Hanging Garden, Sea Front etc. Local mahatma here means mahatma of greater bombay only and not of entire city.

Pujyashree also went to Babulal Motichand Jain Mandir which Niruma and Deepakbhai used to visit frequently in the beginning (1990-1993) for blessings and strength for JagatKalyan from Simandhar Swami and Padmavati Ma. Niruma used to get lot of strength from Ma here and she regarded statue as most “LIVE” and “RARE”.