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New Books Unveiled during Parayan

After  gap of 5 years, Dada’s new book “Sahajta” (સહજતા), being a FIRST book edited by Pujyashree with subtle blessing of Niruma, was unveiled  during Parayan amidst thunderous applauses of Mahatma.
Historically 5 years has played an important role in publishing books of Dada. 
Pujya Niruma took gnan in 1968 and after 5 years a very first book (edited by Niruma)  was published in 1973
Dada left mortal body in 1988 and after 5 years books (edited by Niruma) started getting published in 1993.
Niruma left mortal body in 2006 and after 5 years books (edited by Pujyashree) came out in end of 2010.

Pujyashree also unveiled Aptavani 5 translated in English.   

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