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Palitana Gnanvidhi

850 people took gnan, among them 25 Jain Monks (Sadhu, Sadhvi), few stayed till end of 5 agna, others had to leave because of their vow not to eat after sunset.


A nice video showing Mahatma everywhere, wherever camera moves, like Sea of Mahatma

Satsang Sixer

મહાત્મા: એવું કહેવાય છે કે શત્રુંજય તીર્થ યાત્રા કર્યા પછી નર્ક કે નીચલી ગતિ માં જવું નથી પડતું.

દીપકભાઈ: શત્રુંજય એટલે જે શત્રુ (ક્રોધ, માન, માયા, લોભ) ઉપર જય કરે તેને. મૂળ વાત આવી હોઈ પછી લોકો રૂપક માં લઇ જાય.


  1. Rita said,
    JACA Pujyashree & All mathama
    We missing multiple things ....

  2. Dear ppGnai and other team,
    you did great obligation on Jain monks by giving gnan.Only just small appeal to you as I could not stop myself, that if you could arrange some thing for these jain monks to understand 5-Agna(heart of gnan).Pls.dont take this seriously...What is done is sofar really great...and I have no idea about circumtances over there.
    Your disciple...Toronto

  3. Very nice for us who is not join in Jatra!

    jsca to all...

  4. Scientific circumstancial evidence...vyavasthit.

    jena naseeb ma jetlu lakhaalu hoi atlu ja male che.

    bus bhav rakho.. dada nu sharan pamvanu...

    JSCA... from USA.....

  5. i really miss it
    i m sure next time give me strength