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Godhra Bhagwan

Lord was lifted by crane (16-18 tons) and placed in Mandir which is under construction and will be ready by end of this year for Pranpratistha. Because of the size (144 inches) Murti has to be put before ceiling construction. As per Pujya Niruma direction the base on which Murti is placed is constructed with stone and bricks only without use of steel so it will have very long life compared to construction where steel is used. So in future when Mandir needs repair we will not have to move Murti as it's base is solid & strong.

Some pictures.......

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  1. Alaukik aadbhoot.

  2. nishabadh . beautiful. jsca.

  3. Koti Koti Pranam to Simandhar Swami.

    Simandhar Swami he Bhagwan Amara, Ame To Tamara..Tame Taranhara....


  4. Simandhar Swami na asim jai jai kar ho

  5. Simandhar Swami na Charno ma koti koti Namaskar.