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To Jaipur with Aptaputra

Pujyashree is leaving tomorrow to Jaipur where all Aptaputra and Aptkumars will have informal time with him for 2 days. Pujya Niruma used to take this group to various places like Mt. Abu, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.

The Schedule includes visit to a place (bought by our trust for stone carving) near Jaipur where Stone for next 20 Simandhar Swami (each weighing more than 25 tons) is kept. As it is getting more and more difficult to get such huge uncracked stone, provision has been made for atleast 24 Mandir (initially visualised by Pujya Dada). Carving work is being done gradually. Final touch up to each stone will be done when  new mandir will be constructed. True to the word “Akram”, Swami is ready before mandir. 

After 2 days satsang and gnanvidhi has been organized in Jaipur.