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Aston Satsang (Manchester)

Pujya Deepakbhai is coming to this side of the country after many years. Pujya Ma and Deepakbhai had visited and roamed the area for satsang before many years. Even if any one person or family invite them then they used to travel long distance from London for satsang which usually used to be held in small house and for few people. But because of their Pagla before many years now there are hundreds of new seekers who are regularly watching TV and ready to take Gnan. Today was first day and entire hall was full with new seekers and extremely eager to take Gnan tomorrow.


  1. rang lagyo mane rang lagyo mane dada bhagwan no rang lagyo, mane dada na nam no rang lagyo.

  2. JSCA....Akram Express is going very fast...More and more momuxu are coming in Dada's mission after watching TV!!!!

  3. jsca.....
    Dada's dreams comes true.......