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Informal time with Sewarthi Mahatma in Atlanta

After Gurupurnima Pujyashree spent 2 days with sewarthi mahatma.  Pujyashree visited an exhibition “Dialogue in Dark” where we all were taken into total dark environment so that we can experience how a blind person goes through various activities in daily life. As instructor (blind) was speaking in high speed English with total different accent, pujyashree found it difficult to understand the same. So experience for me him “dialogue in Dark and Deaf”.  As 2 of his senses were inactive he shared that how Kevalgnani knows and understands the world in full details without presence of senses. He also explained how Chit remains present if we are not distracted by what we see or hear. So even with our eyes open the same exercise of keeping chit in present  has to be followed.

Also saw an exhibition “Bodies” where it was nicely explained in detail how our body work  by showing various body parts, nervous system, digestive system, reproductive organs etc. presented by real  parts (treated) of dead body. After seeing all this could feel body is nothing but a great machinery and biggest laboratory (as said by Dada). The exhibition had and still has profound effect in awareness regarding celibacy.  The wrong belief that there is happiness in body which create an attraction and feeling of  specialness about opposite gender gets fractured if intellect is able to understand and chit is able to visualise this. As Dada has explained "ચોખી બુદ્ધિ વાળા ને વિષય ગમે જ નહિ" 


  1. Wow!! This is amazing!
    ફક્ત અનુભવી જ આ વર્ણન કરી શકે. આપણે કેવા પુણ્યશારી!! જાણેલુ જ્ઞાન આગરના પુરુષાર્થ માટે કામ લાગશે!!
    રાજન ના જય સચ્ચિદાનંદ

  2. ડીમ્પલભાઈ ,

    આ વાંચીને હમણાં જ ક્લીક થયું કે તે વખતે ચિત્ત બરાબર કામ કરતુ હતું ,રોજ ના રૂટીનમાં માં પણ આજ નિયમ લાગુ પડે છે , આંખો જોવો માં હોય,કાન સાંભળવામાં હોય,તો ચિત્ એકાગ્ર ના થાય,અમે લોકો આ અનુભવ દીપકભાઈએ કહ્યુંકે કરવા જેવો છે, ત્યાર પછી લીધો,બધાને બહુજ મજા આવી .
    રાજુ ના જ્યસચીદાનંદ

  3. Dimplebhai, didn't you post photos along with this? Jsca!!! Sandeep na jsca

  4. It was a excitement locating your site yesterday. I came here right hoping to learn something new. And I was not dissatisfied. Your well thought out ideas for new events like this. Thank you for this idea and sharing your knowledge.