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Informal time - Singapore

This time it was decided not to keep Gnanvidhi in Singapore and instead just do Shibir for Mahatma so that those who have taken Gnan in last 4-5 years can get opportunity to come closer and ask advanced or personal questions. Such kind of shibir has been very effective for mahatma of recent years as the experience in Bhuj, Sydney etc shows. As a result more shibir are planned for future at many centers all over. 

As Pujyashree travelled today from Perth it was decided to keep informal sessions to give him much needed rest with satsang planned for tomorrow. Informal session was very nicely planned by Singapore Mahatma starting with Barbecue where everybody had to roast their own food. It was nice beginning of the shibir as all got chance to know each other and share their experience. It was followed by bhakti dance by LMHT girls and a Surprise item by Malay singers singing Dada Pad - first time for them to sing in Gujarati. 

A video of traditional Malay singers singing Dada Pad


  1. Nice One!!!Presence of Gnani-Pujyashree is totally different!!!!Singapore mahatma are very lucy........JSCA
    he dada jk karo!!!!

  2. Good concept. Jaychadidanad. Himatbhai-Rajkot

  3. Malay singers did very nice job.

    JSCA... to all of them

  4. to be such close to bhagwan Pujya shree Deepakbhai is the highest acheievement of mankind.

  5. Anonymous said
    JACA Pujyashree ,DimpleBhai & All Mahatma
    Very nice Video Job. Dada is everywher.

  6. Video shows a lot of fun must have all had with Pujyashree.