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Simandhar City Arrivals and Departures

Whenever Pujyashree arrives or departs from Simandhar City, the whole stretch from Main Gate (Not the one facing Mandir) to Vatsaliya is lined with Mahatma standing on the side for Darshan. 

A video of the same......


  1. mahatmas living in simandhar city are the most fortunate human beings...pray for me that one day i can be amoung those fortunate

  2. Pray for me and all the mahatmas also! There is enough place in dada's and niruma's heart for everyone.

  3. Deven, New JerseyMonday, August 15, 2011

    Bharat Kshetra ma vicharta re, vicharta re hajara hajur bhagwan.

  4. maro next birth simandhar city ma j ho ane hu pujyashri prem ane vatsaly ma ucharu ane dada na jagat alyan na karya ma agal vadhu bas mari aa bhavna che he pujyashree, he dada bhagwan, he niruma ane he sarve devi-devta ane he shre simandhar swami bhagwan maro aa bhav purna thava mate mane ashirwad aapo...........jsca