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Rajkot Satsang

Ground full of Mahatma and new seekers in Rajkot Satsang.



Before Regular satsang, 2 day satsang was kept specially for old mahatma – a first time approach so that old mahatma also get Gnan keys to progress from 2nd day of moon to 14th day. Old mahatma (3000) asked excellent Gnan related questions. It was felt that each of them were asking exact questions according to their gnan level and were getting perfect reply to alleviate them from their level to the next one.


  1. Old mahatma...........meaning. Is it the number of years having taken gnan OR the age of mahatmas?


  2. Jay Sat Chit Anand Dimplebhai. please update this satsang. KENYA

  3. JSCA pl update this satsang

  4. old mahatama means those who are taken gnan. duration of keeping self in to dada's 5 agna as well as since where he/she took gnan.

  5. Pray to Dev Devi to do raksha of Pujyashri so that he continues with the mission of Jagat Kalyan.
    Sejal, Jalna