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Surat Gnanvidhi

3000 new seekers took Gnanvidhi. Among them 2 were Jain sadhviji who were very keen to take Gnan and also went little beyond their permissible rules in order to attend Gnanvidhi. They came walking from long distance to take Gnan. Recently many jain saints are showing keen interest for Gnanvidhi. Dada used to travel long distance even if one jain saint wants to take gnan, now that BHAVNA of Dada has started showing fruit where they are expressing their intent to travel long distance (they only travel walking) to take Gnan.

Pujyashree also played role of Santa Claus for young and adult on occasion of Christmas.


  1. According to my View point,
    આના કરતા પહેલા જે રીતે એક એક ફોટો મુકતા હતા તે સરસ લગતા હતા, આમાં એટલું બધું જામતું નથી, ડીમ્પલભાઈ.

  2. Hi Dimplebhai,
    One request to you. Can you please post separate photos as you used to do before ? We are not able to see pictures clearly in such clubbed photos.

    Thank you.

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