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Bhavnagar Sewarthi Shibir

Had a very memorable experience session with Mahatma sharing their life changing stories after Gnanvidhi. It was first time for them to speak in presence of Pujyashree.

Sharing few touching experiences.…..

A Muslim mahatma was once prodded by his friend that I know a person who can do various miracles, can your Niruma perform miracle?, Mahatma said, you don’t know Niruma, the miracle which she can perform nobody else can do. He asked, How?. Mahatma said, Have you ever seen Lion eating grass? He said, No. Then Mahatma said, come in our shibir you will see Father-in-law (with big moustache) touching his daughter-in-law feet and asking for forgiveness. In Saurashtra, specially in village it is very rare and impossible to find Male head of the family ever accepting his mistakes and more thicker his moustache more masculine (egoistic)he is considered.

A mahatma was sharing his family story that, in many other religion if you dis-respect (viradhna) main Guru or saint you will invite bad luck but it is only in case of Dada that even if you oppose Dada, Dada will take care of you lovingly. His family member used to say bad things about Dada and had a very strong opposition but now whole family has taken Gnan and do lot of Dada bhakti and sincerely follow 5th Kalam.

A person who had all 3 vices which Dada has not allowed was very reluctant to take Gnan and even after taking Gnan again went back to his bad habits, came forcibly to 100th Janmjayanti and when Pujyashree went to all Mahatma for Darshan, the moment he saw  Pujyashree eyes all his garbage just evaporated and since then he has not touched any of them and become very sincere in satsang and sewa.

A mahatma was unable to come for sewa as his father developed mental problem and was getting violent. He requested Pujyashree to do vidhi. The moment vidhi was done his father become perfectly normal and lived for 2 more years in a very peaceful state.

A Mahatma was once warned by his creditor to start returning his money. That day Dada came into dream of creditor who was not knowing anything about Dada and Dada was explaining him see the state of person whom you are threatening. Next day creditor came and told Mahatma that don’t worry whenever possible return my money.

There were many experiences of drastic change in prakruti which was full of anger, lust etc.

Many experiences by lady mahatma that how after pratikraman their relationship with mother-in-law has improved and become like mother daughter.

The list can go on and on.

All felt that Dada – Niruma – Pujyashree is taking care of mahatma like Father and mother both and help them in Real as well as Relative.


In the end mahatma showered Pujyashree by rose petals signifying that What you have done in our life we are trying to reciprocate in a very gross way.



  1. Glad to know that muslims also have entered in to Dada's world

  2. JSCA - DADA is great
    Hey Dada Jag Kalyan KAro
    Highest Namaskars

  3. Dada came in my dream taking care about my study problems. He know all my problems where ever he is now. Niruma also took care of my "relative" problem by coming into a dream of study education file out of station where i m less connected to upper world- spiritual progress.