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Sharing video of Aptsinchan at Bhadran where 35 sadhaks are doing sadhna and getting ready for Dada Work in future. With the blessings of Dada-Ma and all dev devi the place is giving them great opportunity to fully focus on Dadas science as though near to simandhar city, they are absolutely cut off from various activities of JagatKalyan being carried out. The residence, class room, auditorium, library etc has been so designed that it gives them exposure to nature, serenity, peacefulness etc. They are treated more like a students doing their masters, so they learn by themselves and we act as a facilitator for them, although experience sharing does happen daily with aptaputras but on regular basis they learn themselves from Dada books, Niruma & Deepakbhai vcd and samyeik and wherever they need guidance help is readily available. Their course includes theoritical as well as practical training which includes doing sewa in big functions like janmjayanti, pran pratistha, parayan, and also taking care of the place which includes cleaning of their accomodation, class room, toilets, vegetable buying, help in cooking etc. 


  1. jsca!

    Dada nu jagat kalyan nu kaam chaluj rahe.....
    Dada bhagwan na asim jai jai kar ho...

  2. The modern sadhak! amazing!
    home away from home!

  3. Ame bhekh je lidho chhe, jagat kalyan jaje...
    Khune-Khune brahmande, pahonchadi ne rahishu...