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Udaipur Shibir for Sim City Sewarthi

There was strong demand from long time from Sim City Sewarthi that mahatma from all center are getting golden opportunity to spend some informal time with Pujyashree then pl organize for us also. Since no. Of Sewarthi were 500+ it was decided to divide the nos. into half so that in smaller group Sewarthi will get informal time and pshree will stay longer (5days)at same place and both group will share equally.

All the mahatma had great time having special satsang (pshree in great mood cracking extremely witty answers), informal satsang (quiz related to Dada including), the highlight being boating garba in true Indian style with lot of dhamal (video at the end), photo session in City Palace, great food etc etc.

Would like to share a very funny but honest and straightforward experience of a Sewarthi mahatma

મહાત્મા બેન : મેં જયારે વાચ્યું કે શિબિર મેં બોટિંગ કરવાનું છે તો મને ખબર ના પડી અને મેં ફાઈલ ૨ ને પૂછ્યું કે મારી પાસે તો બૂટ નથી સ્લીપર છે તો તેમને કહ્યું કે આ બૂટ ની વાત નથી પણ પાણીમાં હાલે તેની વાત છે.

Some good photos......

Video of Boating Garba

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