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Ynet - Magazine for Youth

A quarterly magazine for youth "Ynet" has been launched in Gujarati and English language. The sewarthi team came to Vatsaliya for Pshree blessings and also for taking first Subscription from him (Pakka sewarthi che). It is the team bhavna that this magazine become instrument in showing todays Youth (Dada has high regard for them) the right path so that they make best use of their human life for Real and Relative goals. It is their ardent wish that from next year the same will be converted to Monthly magazine. All of them are seeking blessings from Gnani and Mahatma. 

Some photos.....


  1. May each & every youth of Bharat Kshetra get this Dadai Vignan & get tremendous Shakti to be pure, purer, purest that would reform the whole world. Jsca to all.......

  2. How do we order the magazine? I'm not finding a link for that... did I miss it?
    Thanks, Chava LeBarton

  3. Jsca Chava
    It's available on http://satsang.dadabhagwan.org/
    Bottom there is module with name 'ynet'.

  4. Jsca Mahatma Chava,
    for more info pls email on ynet@dadabhagwan.org

  5. awesome news
    thanks Dimplebhai..

  6. When this magazine is uploded on satsang.dadabhagwan.org

  7. jsca.
    very gud

    what's next.....

    have swaramna 25 kyaaare aavashe????