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Valsad Sewarthi Satsang

Sewarthi Satsang with Valsad district mhtm.

DADAgiri by sewarthi mhtms in parking sewa:
If any new or old mhtm doesn't park his car properly which will disturb all other cars we request him first, and if he doesn't comply we all 6-7 sewarthi come together and keep on saying "dada, dada" until he obliges and park properly. We don't argue or get angry with him, offer him water, do his pratikraman and keep on requesting until he parks properly

Very hilarious Satsang:

Q: I forget everything.
D: you don't forget that you r forgetting everything.

Q: I am speaking for the first time.
D: have you not spoken so far?
Q: no, I m speaking with Pshree for first time.
D: oh 

Q: I like sewa more than Satsang.
D: sit in last row 

Q: I hv completed 15 can I take Gnan?
D: after 16, 2 year discount specially for u. But today sit in Gnanvidhi without registering, even if its not your marriage still you can still sit in others marriage, right? 

Q: when I see you, file 1 start crying
D: no worry, remove glasses and wipe 

Q: how to remain in "Surrender (Adhinta) of Gnani?
D: to make it very simple, Come in Satsang. Don't start believing that I now know and I don't need to go to Satsang.


  1. amazing sixers....
    aam j hasta-ramta keval na pagathiya chadhay

  2. Happy to learn that- from: all Parking Coordinators for the event.

  3. atom bombs of p sri destroys all the moha.

  4. dada ho dada...

    jag kalyaan karo..

    Jagat kalyaan ne kaaj....

  5. I like pujya niruma's sixers. longest and highest. !!!

  6. I love Pujyashree's pure sense of humor, like Dada!
    ~ Jsca, Chava