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Uk shibir-1

Shibir place is very gorgeous and can accommodate very large groups so this time 600+ mahatma are attending. The site is on beach but presently very cold and windy situation. Some photos.....

Satsang highlights : Manavdharma Parayan Uk shibir 1st session 29/3/13

Dada unique definition:
32 marks - donkey (animal life)
33 marks - human life
50 marks - Humanly quality
90 marks - Super human quality.

Manavdharma : the things which v don't like v don't do with others in our speech, action, money, etc.

Bcos manavdharma has been not observed in past, unhappiness was given to others, as a result unhappiness is coming at present.

How good our religious actions are, but If v hv hurt others or taken somebody money in wrong manner then has to go to lower life (animal).

Manavdharma is as per development, development is gross to subtle to subtlest according to age, cast, nationality etc.

Most serious problem in present times : Attraction toward women other than wife.

Manavdharma : not to act beastly against one who act beastly with us.


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  1. Hey vadhto...vadhto jaay.... dada no parkaash vadhto jaay...

    Hey dada Jag kalyaan karo...