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Germany satsang

Oberdtsorf satsang 6/4/13

Mind, chit, intellect and ego does inner action. Suppose, mind will show want to drink tea, chit will show where tea is kept, intellect will show cannt now go for tea, satsang is going on, it will look bad. Then when you see somebody goes for tea then intellect will show now can go, once intellect is ready ego approves then body will go for tea.

Q: I am catholic and believe in what Christ said that I will remain alive.
D: correct but which Christ, in form of body or soul? Christ is alive in form of Soul and body was left here.

A very nice and moving experience of a mahatma at her last time got opportunity to do phone vidhi with Pshree and at the time of leaving body kept on saying I am pure soul (ish bin reine seele) and didn't had any suffering or pain of death. Whole hospital staff, doctors and patients were amazed seeing this.

Q: Should I follow intuition (Suj)
D: one should definately follow intuition. But what happens intuition comes but then intellect and ego takes it over an instead of intuition we go by intellect. The entire world is glorifying importance of intellect.
Q: how can I distinguish btw intuition and intellect?
D: there r 3 things- intuition (heart, Suj), intellect and pragna. Intuition will show the way beneficial to all while intellect will show only selfish way and pragna will show diff btw real and relative.


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