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Informal time in E. London


Excellent experience sharing in informal time with Pshree in park.

My In-laws were handicapped and my husband also became handicapped before 5 years, children were small, I was very devastated and was constantly asking Why me, did all praying to various Dev-Devi, but nothing was helping me. Then I got gnan 2 years before and then I immediately realized why this has happened, how am I separate etc and from then onwards I have completely come out of negativity and still doing same things but feeling that I am non doer and this is all files. I am feeling very strong, happy, energetic because of gnan.

I am youngest in family and am taking care of my mother since last 23 years with no help or communication from my older brother. I had lot of complication in personal as well extended family. Then I saw your tv satsang and made BHAV to take gnan. My boss was not giving me leave on Gnanvidhi day, I was very sad and heartily prayed to dada that I am trying last time with my boss but will not ask him for leave but you make my boss to grant me leave. The moment i entered his cabin, my boss said you can take day leave today. After gnan my all complication are solved and still I know some will come but with gnan will handle it very smoothly. Additionally my brother just called and now I am going to call him and request him to come and atleast do your darshan.

I was drinking wine and earring non-veg before gnan. After gnan once I realized that when I am sitting in dental chair and when doctor is approaching me with dental drill how much fear and pain I am feeling then how much pain animals will be feeling when they are cut. I could feel their pain. That day onwards stopped eating. But wine was difficult as I was unable to sleep wout Gin Tonic. One day I prayed dada that if your gnan is correct then my drinking should stop. Few days onwards my habit stopped and no problem in sleeping. No withdrawal syndrome. I now every night pry to Lord Kishna, Dada that what knowledge you gave to Arjun pl continue sharing few drops with me.

My mother in law took gnan yesterday and she will be going for by-pass surgery next week. I asked her today morning how are you feeling she said now I feel that surgery will be with body and I am separate then body so now no worries at all whatever may happen to body.

I took gnan last year. There were lot of allegations on my credit to the tune of millions. My whole career was finished. After gnan gradually all allegation were proved wrong, I got my credit back and now no problem.


  1. gnan is beast solution ol problem

  2. apna dada mahan chhe........

  3. Gnan is self-working.
    Not many have realized this, but it remains the fact that you are helping yourself through dada bhagwan.