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London special mahatma Satsang

London special mhtm satsang 24/4/13

Pratikraman is not for other person to improve (Sudhre) but it's for us not to be spoiled (bagde).

Good explanation on how intellect is working, how it's obstructing mhtm progress. What is buddhi no dakho (interference)?

How Dada used to get tricked intentionally so that intellect strength is broken.

Why asking to do Asim jay jay kar, aarti, to break intellect.

Q: my internal suffering goes on 24 hours doesn't stop.
D: that is because of insecurity of ego. Divert your attention towards vidhi, aarti etc. don't remain free. I was continuous searching how to give solution to all woman mhtm as they were complaining about non stop suffering. Then dada from inside told me to tell everybody to do aarti.

Q: what kind of pressure 6 eternal elements has on all soul? Is it same on all soul?
D: common pressure. As one progress in Real Self pressure decreases.

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