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Oberdstorf satsang

Lot of questions from old mahatma about how to increase awareness, science of karma, Doership, deep experience of soul etc.

Some questions.......

Q: does men & women play different role in this spiritual science?
D: soul is same but personality is different. But this science is so strong that all personalities can be settled.

Q: what is final goal in this path?
D: we have attained partial (Aspast) experience of soul in Gnanvidhi, our goal for this life is total (Spast) experience of soul, Niruma even being woman could attain that total experience in this life.

Q: why sexuality is not good in your path?
D: if it's normal no problem. tell me who needs sex? Soul or body? So body needs it, ego needs it. In Akram Vignan if sex is with wife and if you realize it's file 1 doing and I am settling file then it will not bind you. Why it's not binding because it is discharge for you as you have charged while I have not charged anything in past so no discharge for me. You can now charge for next life like me, no need of sex.

Q: Time is eternal element, then what happens to it when we are in Moksh?
D:Time is connected with file 1. Soul becomes separate from time, matter. So time will not affect soul in Moksh.

Q: there r three things, Wolfgang, soul and awareness then who has to realize pure soul?
D: In short, first 'I' was realizing I am Wolfgang now 'I' with right understanding will realize I am pure soul.



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