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Spain satsang (Tenerife)

Satsang highlights:

Q: what kind of virtue we need to have for self realization?
D: suppose if we want to become doctor what we have to do, do anything or to find right teacher. This is simple solution. You came here you will get self realization by grace of dada Bhagwan. From your side you have to keep I don't know anything about self realization and heartily wish to attain self realization.

Q: we try best for self realization but we don't get it, what is the reason?
D: suppose airport is in south but if we don't know true address then wherever we walk, best effort we do but still does we get airport? We have to ask somebody and get true address.

Q: why so much suffering in our life?
D: if suffering is not there then nobody will try to realize Soul. If pain in body or mental then we find out where is my safe side, permanent safe side and that will take us to Reality. If pain doesn't come then you will not come here in satsang but go to shopping center.

Q: why I am feeling empty inside?
D: now you are only one (chandubhai) after Gnanvidhi there will be two, 1)God inside and 2) chandubhai then you will not feel empty as you will have friend.
The reason of feeling empty is because of ego. Ego always have fear and loneliness if ego is dissolved then fear of emptiness will go away,

Q: I cannt see people suffering, it's is so bad that I cannt see news.
D: this is shown by intellect and intellect doesn't hv solution. for solution What we can do we can pray for all those people.

Q: After self realization we will feel world is illusion of mind
D: who says world is illusion? It is temporary correct. Our intellect says it is illusion but it is not 100% knowledge. Both thing in this world, temporary correct and permanent correct.

Q: if we realize self then what is purpose of staying in this world.
D: relations which were created by our past mistakes we have to clear all those relations after realization.

Q: where does this path came from? Any connection with traditional Indian religious path?
D: this is exception path and it comes automatically by nature. When there is no uniformity in mind, body and speech this kind of path comes naturally. So body can be busy in relative duties but from inside can stay in soul.

When Gnani is not present scriptures are required but when Gnani is present then gnani will make us reach higher then scriptures.

Q: after Gnanvidhi cannt come as has business.
D: close business for 1 day. In Gnanvidhi there is death of ego. After death in family don't we close business for few days?

Good Gnan experiences of old mahatma.

I got gnan from Niruma and felt separation from relative self. Then in india received several Gnanvidhi, I could see I was floating in air.

I went to London for Gnanvidhi from Niruma. When I reached there in satsang I liked everything I saw but felt that this is not for me. But then Niruma said wait until Sunday for Gnanvidhi. In Gnanvidhi everything was in Gujarati and couldn't understand anything. I thought my money for flight ticket was wasted and I did mistake in coming. But when I went for shower next morning I could feel separation from file and could see puppet doing everything. Even could see my speech coming as separate.

I got first Gnanvidhi in Spain and then went to Simandhar city there I took another Gnanvidhi. Then we went to south jatra and there I had great experiences in jatra. I usually don't like rats but in train when I saw rats it was not creating problem for me, I was at peace during entire jatra.

We have still not taken gnan but only by seeing satsang in tv lot of positive change in our life. Even my teenager son who had problem with his school friend, I told him to do pratikraman and with pratikraman in few days his problem was solved with friends


  1. "Dada - Simandhar" Ghar Ghar Pahoche!!!
    Bhavana sakar thay che.

  2. Mare Jagat Kalyaan karvu chhe...

    Mare kaam Dadanu Karvu chhe...

    Hey Dada jag Kalyaan karo...