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Bombay Satsang

Bombay Satsang highlights:

Q: I m coming for 1st time, want to progress in this path.
D: understand this science then u will progress, here u can't progress by removing those who are in front of you.

3 types of Moh make us wander in sansar.
Rup no moh
Naam no moh
Kartapana no moh

Q: when v listen to u, v feels everything u say is correct but when v try to practice it becomes diff.?
D: suppose u want to go to station first u need to understand how to reach, u get all information but then traffic (karma) will come, accordingly you will reach station

Q: our vastu consultant says your home is not according to vastu, u will need to renovate?
D: why you went to him? You went so he has to blame something, If you will go to Bhuva (witchcraft) he will say some other soul is causing u trouble, if u go to aryuvedic person he will say you need to change your eating habit, an allopathy doctor will say conduct sonography test and if u will ask me I will tell you your last life karma is giving you problems.

Karma discharge happens in 4 ways
Action : if sticky
Speech : less sticky
Thoughts : light
Dream : lightest.

Pshree birthday was celebrated in advance in presence of thousands of mahatma. Mahatma did very good BHAVNA for Pshree long life and health with non-stop JK work. Some photos and video.


  1. It was an amazing satsang today.. We all mahatma's prayed Dada and Niruma for Pujyashri's long-long life, so that the whole world gets Dada's gnan and the truth for which every soul is seeking.. Many Many Happy Returns In Advance to Our greatest teacher "Pujyashree" Jsca..

  2. JSCA....Many Many Happy Returns in Advance to Pujyashree....We some mahatmas will be attended Pujyashree's birthday celebration programme on 9th instant. We all mahatmas pray for Long Long life of our Pujyashree......

  3. long live dadai deepak, jag kalyaan kaj...