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Pujyashree 61st Birthday Grand Celebration

Tens thousands of mahatma graced the occasion with lot of good wishes and prayer for looooong and super healthy life.

60 food items to commemorate 60 years.

Forty 90+ Super senior mahatma (5 were centenarian the oldest being 110 and youngest at 100, were specially invited and each of them blessed Pshree whole heartily for super looooong life. Their blessing were special as it was full of vachanbal (power of speech). They all had dinner with Pshree. 

Forever young 

Last but most important, 
Height of young sewarthi sincerity :
Puppet show continued even though only 1 in audience during last show. 


  1. Last Picture is PRICELESS!!!

  2. jsca - we celebrated live with you all together in Germany as well - ended with Satsang and Samayik and prayers for our beloved Gnani Pujya Deepakbhai with deepest devotion and onenes in Gnan

  3. We also celebrate with sanjaybhai and Devenbhai,
    and pray for pujayshree. Oviously, whatever we do is less for our pujayshree anyway.but our bhav adds up,we cut the cake and prayers.
    Raju from lowell

  4. 24 mahatmas including myself and my son who recently taken Dada's Gyan also attended Pujyashree's Birthday celebration on 9th May. We prayed for our beloved Pujyashree's very very healthy long looooong life.........JSCA