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The chairman of Mandir where Gnanvidhi was done was sharing a unique experience:
A new mhtm who attended Gnanvidhi immediately went into labour pain after Gnanvidhi and was admitted to hospital and next day new G-Mht (lPunyashali fellow) arrived and parents didn't wanted to keep his name as per Astro signs but correctly kept his name "Deepak".
All the hotel staff wanted to do darshan of Pshree.
Police escort towards airport.
Akram flight : full with mahatma towards Nairobi.


  1. Jay ho Dada bhagwan ni. jsca. Akram Flight akhaa vishvanu kalyan karo kalyan karo.


  2. Mul Divathee Pragato Deepak Mal.G-Mht.ne
    Mitesh na Jsca.