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Sydney shibir

Daan Parayan - Sydney shibir 17-9-13
Satsang highlights:

After giving donation if you put your name (Takti) after it then nothing gets carry forward to next life. e.g if I give you 100 Rs and if you return me change money of the same then nothing remains in balance. 
If you put your name plate in temple then until that name plate remains you cannt go to Moksh. 

To give donation is not in one's control. What is in control?, to make Bhav (intention) to give donation in this life and because of that BHAV one may be able to give donation in next life. 

Q: when file 2 gives donation to other than Dada then I get suffering?
D: Let her give, where money will go it goes according to past account. We have to find out various key too see other as non-doer. 

AbhayDaan : ego-intellect when finished, abhaydaan can be given.  

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  1. This is very amazing truth I have come to know that if one put his name takti while giving donation one can not get moksh. Amazing.... really Our dada is the greatest scientist of this universe