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Jabalpur Gnanvidhi

415 people took Gnan in Jabalpur..

Lot of people from surrounding area who have been watching TV satsang from long time came for Gnanvidhi.

Many of them had beautiful experiences, sharing couple of them.

When I see in your eyes, I see God.

Since 2003 I was doing 'Deepakbhai, Deepakbhai" and today I am most fortunate to have your darshan.

Jabalpur has been known as Sanskardham, today this Sanskardham has become pious by your visit.

Satsang sixer....

Q: I have a wish - I would like to hug you. Pl don't tell no, I will feel hurt and then you will have to do pratikraman.

D: Really speaking, one should hug his own soul, all these connection with body are useless.


  1. My experience is "Where ever anyone pronounce or remember the name of our beloved greatest scientist of the universe 'DADA' BHAGWAN' either by speech or mind, the feeling, the behaviour and thought of that area totally changed. All belongs to that building/complex becomes positive as well as support for Jagat Kalyan - the mission of Shri Simandhar Swami, Dada bhagwan. Really, Our Dada is the greatest scientist of this universe. AAPNA DADA MAHAN CHHE, CHHE NE CHHE J