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Sim. City : Tidbits

Pshree gave surprise visit (except few it was surprise for all Sewarthi) to account department and had informal talk with them and also gave Gnan and vyavhar tips.
Whenever convenient he will visit in same way to every departments which are working tirelessly for JK.

Pshree describing how aarti was done during Dada presence. The purpose here is not his speech but his actions in slow motion.



  1. Thank You Dimplebhai. Slow motion video of Aarti is great.

    We request you to please post the Aarti video with speech also. We are very eager to hear Pujyashree how Aarti was being done in DADA's presence.

    Vaishu & Niru na JSCA.

  2. jsca,
    Dimplebhai ,
    I am also think same way , without speech ,we will not able to understand ,what was exactly done by dada at aarti time. please put it with speech too. Looks like it like a dream came true for Accounting department when pujayshree visit surprizely like this !
    Raju from lowell
    Raju from lowell