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Baroda special satsang with Mahatma

A special satsang for mahatma was kept attended by 1000+ old mhtm.

Q: Oneness with body is not going.
D: it has gone, what you are feeling is the result.
Q: but the experience of oneness with body is not going
D: that experience file 1 is having and You (awakened soul) are disliking this oneness and that is Your experience.

Q: in scripture it says whatever you see is poison, sin so what v should do?
D: this is not for mahatma as he sees Suddhatma (soul) so no question of poison.

BHAV is purusarth but it's not completely free because one who is on 12 mile will do BHAV for 13 to 15 mile but he will not do BHAV for 40th mile.

Q: I personally feel uncomfortable when mahatma praises you as you have told many times not to praise you?
D: see what is happening. Just like cold wind is touching me but I hv worn jacket inside, in same way their words are coming to me.

Q: people ask me is this age (being young) to go for religion?
D: v hv to ask them what should be right age for doing worries? The age when worries start that is the right age for starting religion.



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